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Deposit & Withdraw money with your bookmaker from Bangladesh

Unfortunately, none of the top online sportsbooks in the world offer Bangladeshi Taka sports betting.  Clicking the previous link shows you all of the available alternatives with each of my listed online sportsbooks.  If you have a funding method that matches any of these alternative currencies, you will be able to save money on currency exchange fees.  

Otherwise, you will likely need to exchange from the Taka (BDT) to another available currency.  Crucial to your sportsbook experience is the manner in which you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw funds from your betting account via your chosen banking methods.  

Most online sportsbooks target the typical recreational bettor.  As such, there are limits placed the amount that can be bet or that can be won.  Small companies are at a greater risk of a big loss through a combination wager, and thus they tend to have lower betting limits to ensure their liquidity in the case of a winning a wager with long odds.

However, VIPs often have a desire to wager larger amounts whether on single matches or in combination. If you feel you belong in the VIP category of bettors, you should read about the sportsbooks that offer the highest betting limits to ensure the service you choose can accept your action.

High Limit VIP Sports Betting from Bangladesh

The best online sports betting sites for fans in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Sports Betting Issues

Sport is massively important in Bangladesh.  Cricket and football are by far the two most popular sports.  Of those two sports, in terms of participation and development Bangladesh excels most with cricket.  This is true in the development of world class cricketers like Shakib Al Hasan and Bangladesh’s ability to act as joint host for the 2011 ICC World Cup of Cricket.  In terms of football, Bangladesh has a football federation but for the most part, they do not have a significant part to play in world football landscape and are content to be loyal fans of their favourite leagues and teams.

With so many fans of these two great sports, it’s natural to become curious about which companies provide the best Bangladesh online sports betting services.  This may also come with questions about whether or not they may register with a particular service, if online sports betting is a legal or lawful activity and if so, how does someone from Bangladesh go about making monetary transactions with their sportsbook of choice?

The good news is that Bangladeshis have great choice with regard to both service providers and the banking options that are available in the market today.  So read the list below of the best Bangladesh online sports betting sites.  You can then read how the list was created and learn about the other issues involved with betting on sports from Bangladesh.  Scroll below the list to check your potential payout on upcoming cricket matches at bet365.

How this list was created

I’ve reviewed over 30 of the world’s best online sportsbooks and have done so from the perspective of many different nationalities.  Sportsbooks approach each market differently, thus when I must review a sportsbook, I need to look at how that company approaches each market to see if the customers’ needs are being met.

The group of the best betting sites for Bangladesh is different from groups for bettors from other countries because of the differences between countries and how each online sportsbook treats each country.  For example, some companies don’t accept Bangladeshi registrations.

First, understand that my list only contains six betting sites.  Many companies have been reviewed and excluded from the list.  Other sportsbook review sites will publish their list and include every site they have reviewed and give positive reviews to every company.  I am not interested in that approach as I believe it is dishonest.  Those review sites are merely hoping to trade on a brand name that you recognize even though it is not a great service for you to use.

My list is in no particular order, the sites are not ranked.  I don’t use fake grades or star-ratings that are only intended to encourage your play with them, but lack true meaning.  Approval is black and white, a sportsbook is in or out of the list.

The sites that are in my list provide the best Bangladeshi sports betting based on the following review criteria:

Each of the sites listed provides an excellent experience for the Bangladeshi sports bettor.  However, if you have preferences or requirements beyond the typical recreational bettor, read and compare the betting site reviews.  Above all else, remember that betting on sports should be for fun.  Only wager what you can afford.

Why switch to online sports betting from your local bookmaker?

First and foremost, online sports betting is safer for you in every regard.  Whether you are in Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi or elsewhere in Bangladesh, your personal safety will never be at risk in dealing with an online provider listed here.  The only potential credit provided when using online sportsbooks comes through your credit cards, and your card provider won’t make any physical threats if and when they ask you to pay your bill.  

Second, your funds are secure and are always at your fingertips.  All the listed online sportsbooks companies exist offshore and are not affected by local Bangladeshi laws at present.  Once money is deposited or won, you have full access to withdraw your funds whenever you like - no waiting.  When you bet with a local bookie, there is always the risk local law enforcement busting your local bookmaker placing your winnings at risk.  

Third, you have full control and responsibility over your wagers.  With online and mobile interfaces, you can clearly view the odds and place bets that you want, confirming each wager before they are entered into the system.  When betting over the phone with your local bookie, there is every chance that he records the bet incorrectly, mishears you due to a bad connection, or simply finds a way to backtrack on a winning bet.  Do you really trust your local bookie?

Fourth, you’ll have a much wider range of betting choices beyond simple match results.  Most of the above listed sportsbooks offers over 100 ways to bet EPL football matches and over 50 markets for cricket betting.  For the emerging millennial generation, they even offer esports betting opportunities.  

Last, online sportsbooks offer innovative features like live betting, in-play as well as the ability to settle bets early, before a match has ended so you can take your profit early, or salvage some cash on a potential loss.

You should want to deal with parties that respect you, your hard-earned money and provide you with premium service.  There are no guarantees when you deal with your local bookmaker as they are unregulated and viewed as running an illegal operation by the Bangladeshi government.  Online sportsbooks are legally regulated in their native jurisdictions and are operated responsibly to encourage your continued play with them.

Unibet, headquartered in Stockholm, provides amazing coverage of sports like football, cricket and just about everything.  Serving millions of bettors, find lots of markets including alternate handicaps, competitive odds plus new customers promotions. Unibet has a gorgeous interface on all devices.  Read the Unibet Bangladesh review.

Go! Go!

Betway serves over 2 million account holders world-wide & offers a beautiful interface with an excellent mobile platform.  Like most top betting sites, they offer an early cash out feature.  Betway offers great cricket & football betting plus a bonus offer for Bangladeshi players.  Long-time sponsor of West Ham United FC.  Read the Betway Bangladesh review.

Bangladesh Bookmaker Bonuses

bet365 covers football & cricket comprehensively in terms of the number of available leagues & betting markets. They have the most intuitive interfaces for mobile and desktop and they constantly innovate with the most advanced features for bettors.  Lots of banking methods are available for Bangladeshi bettors.  Read the bet365 Bangladesh review.